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Gnome Monosoupape Engine 3D Printed
Gnome Monosoupape, 9 cylinder, air cooled rotary, 100 hp
(80% Scale 3D Printed Replica)
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Nov 2015 First Print Results
Reverse side of first print results
First Print Results Nov 2015 with PLA (Polylactic Acid) Filament
Inside Structure of Half-cylinder
Rocker Assembly print
ABS Grey Print
Rocker Assembly with black PLA Filament
Change of Filament to ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Half Cylinders March 20, 2016
9 half-cylinders plus spark plus
March 20, 2016 4 Half-cylinders completed
9 half-cylinders competed plus spark plugs April 1st
Cylinders plus Hub
Cylinders and both hubs
Half-cylinders, spark plugs, rocker assemblies and hub
Half-cylinders plus both Hubs
The bonding process
Another view of the bonding process
The Bonding Process - the engine comes together
Another view of the bonding process
The engine arrives at the Museum
Final assembly with propeller
The completed engine arrives at the Museum
Final assembly together with prop
Engine and aircraft matched
DH-2 ready for flight!
Engine and Aircraft matched at last
DH-2 ready for flight!
DH-2 hanging from the rafters in Hangar 602
DH-2 beimng hung from the rafters
The engine from close up April 27, 2016
The completed DH-2 being suspended from the rafters
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