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Pratt & Whitney R-4360-59B
Pratt & Whitney R-4360-59B Wasp Major
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Pratt & Whitney's R-4360 Wasp Major air-cooled radial engine was the ultimate development of the aircraft piston engine. Jets and turboprops would power future military aircraft. The R-4360 was in production during the last year of WWII and Goodyear-built F2G-1 and F2G-2 Corsair fighters were the first production aircraft to mount the engine. The Aircraft Engine Division of the Ford Motor Co., Chicago, IL built this particular engine. Its acceptance date was Feb 1, 1954.

This engine and its propeller are on loan to the Combat Air Museum from the US Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH.

Manufacturer: Ford Motor Co., Chicago, IL
Model: R-4360-59B
Type: 28-cylinder, four row, supercharged, air-cooled radial
Power to Weight Ratio: 1.11 hp/lb (1.83 kW/kg)
Displacement: 4,360 cu. in.
Weight: 3,870 lb (1,755 kg).
Maximum rpm: 2,700
Maximum hp:
4,300 hp (3,210 kW)

Pratt & Whitney R-4360B Wasp Major
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